It’s alive !!! (again)

Well, finally got around to re-formatting my PC. In my hung-over state on Saturday morning (after work drinks – 6 pints of Becks !), I reformatted the C drive – great to have the other 3 drives to chuck stuff – made it so easy.

Spent the rest of the day installing stuff :

  • Office 2003
  • WinRAR : Event though XP has WinZip support, often need to extract RAR, TAR, or other – from IRC. So – WinZip no more – plus I like WinRAR better – esp. the right-click menu options.
  • Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 – very cool, bit nicer than VM-Ware. Thanks Keith – I’m converted… 🙂
  • Have set up a “dev” XP for installing Beta – esp. new Whidbey release. That took ages – the VPC only had 256 MB RAM to use – need to upsize my PC. And then thought I’d put on Yukon – and then it went baaad.

    Couldn’t finish the install of Yukon – some error on the disk. And tried 2 different PDC disks. So – big *doh*.

    But – then, couldn’t use Whidbey no more – some .NET Framework clash. Had version 1.1, 1.2 and 2.0 Beta. Conflict ? Does anyone remember “DLL Hell” ?!? Deja vu


    Donna was off to a girlie day for a friends Baby Shower. I was to arrive about 6.30, and all the other guys as well, for an evening BBQ – or pizza (too cold for BBQ).

    Anyway, got there just after 6.30, and was the ONLY guy in the house. I walked through the open-plan living area – with about 30 women aged from 20-80. They all stared – it was like being a deer in the headlights…! Spooky…

    Dragged Donna away – and to see 1200 Techniques at The Corner. Awesome bass sound – loved the hip-hop stuff. We walked in, and a guy from NZ was playing. I didn’t realise at first, assuming it was a CD playing on the stereo. Then – the song finished, and people clapped and cheered – and I realised that is was LIVE – amazing.

    He was SCRIBE from NZ – great hip-hop rhymes, with a DJ scratching away. Kinda cool – never really seen a guy rapping like that.

    1200 Techniques were great – even more bass sound – and great crowd interaction. Donna loved it too – boogying away. The wines & champers at the girlie day added to the stoli’s at the pub…

    Today (Sunday) – rock-climbing, and more installing. Used some build scripts in Whidbey to compile my current work dev project. Lots of errors – some syntax ones that were intersting :

  • Const LOAN_STATUS = 3 : valid in VS-2003.

  • Const LOAN_STATUS As Integer = 3 : need an explicit type.
  • Also – lots of errors about implicit object conversion. Will be a lot more CAST’ing for VS.NET 2005 – by the look of it…

    Time for some dinn’s, then Sunday night movie on the couch… 🙂


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