Rather handy, man


Been a bit of a handy-man this last weekend – with the bathroom nearing completion. Donna has done a wonderful job of painting & re-grouting tiles and so on.

I thought I’d escaped unharmed – but had to install new tap-sets – for the basin and bathtub – as well as a new light.

So – firstly put on my Plumber hat (and had the butt-crack showing in my tracky daks) – and removed taps, copper pipes, and other bits & pieces. Eww, gunk – amazing what gathers under the sink. Had a few swear-words, and another trip to Bunnings – and sorted it out.

The faucets/taps on bath-tub looked easy enough, but the previous owner must’ve used super-glue. More swear-words, and sitting in an empty bath-tub, trying to un-screw the faucet – finally got them undone, and had water gush into the bath (where I was sitting)…

Next, I put on my Sparky hat (not literally). To install the new light, I had to essentially re-wire the bracket for the new light – had the power-turned off, and worked by torch-light.

Still have to paint the door-frame (2nd coat) – and the doors – and it’s done… *phew* Glad to come back to work for a break !!


Helped a friend out with VM-Ware on Saturday. She’s studying Linux (Red Hat) at Uni – and didn’t want to dual-boot her PC. I’d forgotten how great VM-ware is – and will have to use it more with my Beta software.

RF-day is coming (Re-Format). I’m just about ready to blow away my C drive – and re-install. Just wanted to wait until 24-24 was finished (about 3 days of downloading) – and also wait till June, so that I can have fast cable modem again… (to download patches).

And then – will set up a “DEV-BETA” VM machine – and install Whidbey / Yukon – and have a play with Team System. Sounds great – lots of dev’ers been getting “wood” over THAT one…!

And speaking of wood – got a new package from Microsoft – with the MSDN Connection stuff. Including a .NET Asia magazine, and a CD of goodies – just haven’t had time to check it all out (yet).


Off to see 1200 Techniques on Saturday night (June 5th) – at The Corner. Will be interesting – different crowd to my last concert (Anthrax).

We saw them at the Big Day Out – great crowd-pleaser – and some cool bass & hip-hop kinda stuff. Yep – some would be surprised to hear that I’m into a bit of hip-hop – I have very eclectic tastes…

Next gig will be Justin Timberlake… NOT !!!


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