Weekend of "stuff"…

Was good to catch up with a few old work friends on Friday (the obligatory Friday lunch). Some guys I hadn’t seen since I left VEC (old client) – was like a re-union of sorts.

The main purpose of the lunch “meeting” was to exchange CDs – for 24… Woah – was a good ep. it was for 23 – only ONE hour left. Jeez – I dunno how they’ll wrap it up…

Friday night – had a few mates over, just hang out at home. Flicking channels to see what was on – and Coyote Ugly was on.

We half-expected Donna to say something like “I’m NOT watching this T&A crap !” – but to our delight, she said “I loooved this movie…” So – the boys got to have a perve, and Donna like the chick-flick aspect.

And some Crash Bandicoot afterwards – a good night had by all… 🙂

Saturday – Donna’s birthday.

Presents, flowers, breakfast-in-bed – I did the works. I have to “by law” – we’re married.

A visit from my parents (out-laws) – and then up to Belgrave to Donna’s family (in-laws). As she’s a twin, there’s always TWO for birthday bashings…

Dinner on Saturday night was a Burmese restaurant – Old Rangoon – in Hawthorn. Some great curries – Roti bread – and a few wines. I shouldn’t have ADDED so much chilli – burned my whole mouth up – and sweated like it was a 40 degree day. Had to go stand outside to cool off for a few mins !

Bathroom / Garden

Today’s mission was to finish sanding the bathroom, and a trip to Bunnings to check out paint. Donna actually asked me to “dress-down” – as she had her old paint-y pants on, and I had some newish trackies. So – out came the old painted/ripped trackies. I wanted to wear my moccasins to complete the outfit – but Donna made me wear sneakers instead.

More flowers & other plants – and some sand-paper. So Donna did the gardening – and I sanded the plaster in the bathroom. Ready to wipe off the walls – and paint it.


Listening to System Of A Down in the car before – great album. Was a toughie to get into when I first got it. It was originally in the “want-to-like-it-but-hate-the-first-listen” category – following by a quick change to the “this-is-a-classic” category.

I’ve had a few albums like that – …And Justice For All by Metallica was a toughie at first – I thought it was crap – turned out that I “just-didn’t-get-it”. When I did “get-it” – it became an absolute classic – a masterpiece.

Same category for Angel Dust – by Faith No More. I guess it’s because an album might be kinda-different to the norm – for the band, or for what I’d been listening to at the time. Certainly – there are a ton of albums that are the total opposite. Where I loved it to begin with – and never listened to it again (after a few weeks of initial bliss).

*shrug* Wierd, eh ?!? Maybe not.

New Toys

Thinking more about my next toy purchase. A few on the list at the moment – following paying off the wedding & honeymoon :

  • Apple iPod / iRiver
  • iPaq
  • digital camera
  • I guess I have to wait for the tax return before I will be able to (ie. allowed to) get something.

    Thinking of iPod, I saw that there’s been some disatisfaction with the battery life on an Apple iPod. Supposedly lasts only 18 months – or it did for this guy. Fun video clip – have to read between the lines though – to get his real message.


    As always – Crash Bandicoot is still getting a bit of a work-out. But I had another go at Project Gotham Racing 2 last night – up to about the 8th level – about 40+ tracks completed. Each level has about 6-9 tracks, and you can choose from a certain “type” of car.

    You start with little Honda’s/Toyota’s – and the next level is Subaru WRX / Mazda RX-7 type cars. Then into S.U.V.’s – Porsche Cayenne – and I’m up to the “old” muscle cars – 1970’s Ferarri’s and Porsche’s. Great game.

    Also – got a game recently that looks like it might be a hoot – Train & Trucks Tycoon. Have to build roads/rails – and have a transport empire. Something like that – haven’t actually tried it out.

    Might go check it out – and see how dinner is progressing. Gotta love a ROAST LAMB Sunday night dinner… he he…


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