Happenings in OC-land…

Sometimes, strange things just happen…

Like painting the bathroom. Donna is finishing her position at the childcare centre on Friday – and wants to paint the bathroom in her time off. Hadn’t made any real plans for it – but last night, we made a start on some prep-work – ie. plaster bog, and some cleaning of surfaces. Pretty good to begin with – not much fix-up needed.

&ltrant&gt I hate Crystal Reports &lt/rant&gt

Once again, I’m have f**kin’ problems with Crystal Reports. Our VB.NET project is progressing into a testing/demo phase – and want to deploy the application. So, making use of a number of build scripts (daily builds !) – and the application works fine. Except for the Crystal Reports runtimes. Pain-in-the-butt… Still haven’t worked out which files are needed – or from a MSM (merge module) – and the Crystal Reports web-site is useless. *aaarrrggghhh*


Sounds like a high-scoring soccer game, but NO – it’s the second-last episode of 24. Just downloaded (last night) – and will watch tonight. Approaching the final episode – it’s gonna be a cliff-hanger tonight !


Sounds like a freaky buzz-word – but it’s been the bane of my existence for the last few hours. We have a VB.NET custom control – inherited from a TextBox – extended to do some validation (like ensure certain characters are allowed or not).

I created a Collection object & child object (different in VB.NET again) – but the properties entered at design-time kept disappearing when I closed the form. And it turns out, that I was missing the DesignerSerializationVisibility attribute from my collection property. I guess it’s the same as the old property bag from VB-6 days.

Does that make sense ?? No ? Me either, my brain has just melted. Time to head home.


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