Had yesterday off sick – cold & flu thing hit me. Had a pretty busy weekend – went rock-climbing on Saturday (while Donna did some gardening) – and for a bike ride on Sunday arvo.

We were out on our bikes and got caught in the rain – probably explains the cold/flu…! (as well as the drinks at the pub for a friends birthday – on Sunday night)…

So – slept in late – watched Dr. Phil – and then off to have lunch with Donna. It’s funny how you have a mental picture of where someone works, and then it’s usually different to what you expect… Donna is working at a child-care centre in Blackburn South – so we trekked off to Forest Hill for lunch.

Forest Hill “Chase” is a bit of a dump now – compared to Knox & The Glen. Jeez – I’ve become a surburbanite snob – comparing shopping complexes ! *shrug*

Scored a new novel to read on the train – Timeline – by Micheal Crichton. I churned through Prey by the same author – and only THEN did I realise he’d written the Jurassic Park storie/s. Finished it in a week – great story about a nano-technology lab, making atomic particle machinery, that works as a swarm. Of course, something goes wrong – and they come after the humans. See – that’s why it’s called PREY. Highly recommended read… +++

And so – Timeline – is expected to be a page-turner as well. I got through a few pages on the train this morning before dozing in my cold/flu dizzy state. Really shouldn’t have gone to work…


Went a bit old school for a change – and been playing Troublegum, by Therapy?. Bit of a Helmet sorta sound – which is never a bad thing. Amazing that I still know all the words.

Also – got the new Slipknot album. More of the same – a barrage of metal/noise – with a few acoustic ballads thrown in, just to totally ruin it. *shrug*

And new Walken CD is out soon – although I might actually BUY that one – rather than downloading it… 🙂

Great title – Current Melbourne Temperature. Been friggin’ cold lately – the current melbourne temperature is spanner-cold – if you know what I mean !


My wife has left me, and a woman who looks very similar, but with BROWN hair, has moved in.

Amazing to see Donna as a brunette – she’s still getting used to it herself ! She thought it looked like a wig at first – especially in the morning – with the “bed-hair”. Donna’s birthday on Saturday – better be on my best behaviour. 🙂

Time to go warm up by the heater – I can’t feel my toes…!


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