The X-Factor

Been playing more with the X-Box – gaming with PGR-2 – and reading up on the mod-chip & features that I’ll get…

For about $300 – I can get a chip – and 120 GB drive (to replace the 8 GB). And then, I can hire games – and simply copy them to the hard drive.

But – it extends more than that. I’ll be able to load a shitload of MP3’s on them, and use the X-Box as a media centre.

And – I can cable it to my PC – and share the internet connection.

Even more cool – is that I can install Linux, and use a USB keyboard and mouse – and thus, have an internet-connected TV in the lounge-room (essentially).

Check out this – it’s a Linux cluster using three X-Box’es !

Have to get the chip & hard-drive upgrade – so just doing some research for now… šŸ™‚


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