Bloggin’ Heck !


Just jumped onto and found that they’ve updated their web-site HEAPS. Looks very cool – and a lot easier (even easier) to update.


Been a bit couch-ey lately, with the cold weather. Watched the new Matrix Revolutions DVD – picked up a few things that I’d missed the first time. But what happened to Neo ?!? (sounds awesome on the new stereo – shook the whole house)…

Also, been watching the last few ep’s of 24. Only 3 hours to go.

And watched the Survivor finale on Monday night. I still think Boston Rob should’ve won the million. He was a nasty player – and out-witted them all. Even Amber admitted that she only got that far through luck, and because of Rob.

And as for the proposal ! Jeez – who even cared who won it after all. Hopefully Rupert wins the Million Dollars that CBS is giving away – based on votes from the public. Better be quick – vote now !

When the cat’s away…

Had a bit of a “boys” day last weekend (May 2nd) – as Donna went to Echuca for a few days to visit her Grandma. We basically played video games all afternoon – and got through nearly ALL of Crash Bandicoot on the X-Box.

And also, I bought a new game – was on the “second-hand” rack, and only $40 – instead of $100 – but I think it was a shop-copy, never had the booklet removed. Anyway, Project Gotham Racing 2 is one of the reasons I got an X-Box – much better that that wussy Halo game… 🙂 (although, I’m pretty keen to check out Halo 2 when it comes out – DeathKing will rise again)…

Finished Crash…

Last night, had my two mates over (after rock-climbing) – and we finally finshed Crash Bandicoot ! Woo hoo ! Although – technically not 100%, I consider it completed…


Well – my trial-by-fire hasn’t burnt me, and our VB.NET application is cruising along nicely. If the client stops changing things, we’ll go live in the next few months – although the data conversion is going to be a nightmare – and they haven’t allowed for any funds (yet). The fun of I.T. projects continues…


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