Someone answer the phone !

Well, that’s what it sounds like – the ringing in my ears, I mean !! From the metal-fest on Sunday night – at The Palace. There were 4 bands on – each louder and heavier than the previous one…

Embodiment 12:14 are an Aussie band – and we only saw 2-3 songs of theirs. Nothing outstanding – just another metal band.

Kill-Switch Engage are from America – with all the subtely of a freight train. Some great riffs & rhythms – but words were indecipherable (as always). NOTE – got a free wrist-band with KSE on it – they handed them out at the door afterwards.

Soilwork – Swedish Death Metal band – now I’ve seen everything. There was about 8 guys on stage – with a constant double-kick drum. So – the “freight train” was now rolling along with machine-gun fire… Didn’t greatly enjoy them – just too much “noise”…

The music between bands is sometimes as much fun as the show – they started playing old Iron Maiden (Run To The Hills, Can I Play With Madness, etc) – giving the “old school” feel to the metal crowd. I reckon I was on the younger end of the crowd. And you shoulda seen the hair-cuts : old 80’s mullets – or shaved heads.

I bumped into a friend of mine (Ivahn) who I haven’t seen for about 6-7 years. We always used to go to concerts together – but just fell out of contact. He’s married with 2 kids now – how things change !

Anthrax have only 2-3 original members, but still pump out the old songs as good as the new ones. In fact – it was more of a history lesson, than “new stuff”.

Highlights included Time, Fuel, Only, Anti-social, Caught In A Mosh – and the roof-raising “Bring The Noise”… But a lot of songs I didn’t know – and not many off the more recent albums.

NOTE – I got the set-list for Anthrax – so can write an exact list of songs – when I get a chance.

And it seemed like they were only on for about an hour (more like 80 mins)… Scott Ian has a beard that is about 30 cm long – and is the essence of cool. And the double-kick drumming was more “appropriate” – ie. not constant.

But – it was LOUD – and had been standing up for about 5 hours – so I was relieved when it was all over ! Getting too old to be out till 2 am on a “school night”… *phew*


I’ve been getting more into the indoor rock-climbing activities, with my own “shoes” – and harness – and it’s now a weekly event.

It couldn’t be MORE different than sitting in front of a computer all day. It’s fairly demanding, both mentally AND physically – I’ve been enjoying it a lot. Still getting beaten by a Yellow-17 – that’s my challenge at the moment. Usually do a 13 to warm up – and a few good 15’s. But – 17 is still a but beyond me – I’ll still give it a go !!


Have joined up with MSDN Connection for more freebies & goodies (hopefully). It’s a way of getting developers to be more involved with user groups such as MDNUG. There are three levels of developer :

  • Recognised Developer : Open to ALL
  • Active Developer : MCP, MCSD, etc
  • Dedicated Developer : Invitation Only – Regional Directors, etc
  • So – I’ve applied for the Active Developer level – haven’t received my Welcome Kit yet – any day now. If you want to join, click here.

    More later.

    CO – O&O.


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