Another 3 weeks go by

Long time since I updated the blog – and yet again, no excuses…


Had some troubles on the home-PC front. After installing XP SP2, my PC turned into a snail. Well – not literally – but it ran like a DOG. Then again – our Golden Retriever is a DOG – and she runs pretty fast… *shrug*

Anyway – there was a known issue with XP-SP2 – and Yukon (new SQL Server). There’s a SQLBROWSER.EXE service that was chewing up 99% CPU – and hence, running like a dog (woof-woof).

So – had to disable that service, and all OK. My PC needs a re-build anyway – will wait until SP2 is fully-released, and do a clean install…


Been playing a few games on the X-BOX recently. Crash Bandicoot is an oldie, but a goodie – and been having party play-mode with a few friends. And we’re about 15 levels into it. ’twas a late gaming night on Friday – following a viewing of Kill Bill Vol 2.

Grand Theft Auto is another great one – cruise around town, and have to do “jobs” to get cash. One of the recent missions was a bash some guy’s car with a baseball bat – and then start a riot with some construction workers, before blowing up a delivery van ! Very much like Miami Vice but interactive – ie. very cool !


Went to a 30th on Saturday night, to a Thai restaurant in Brunswick St. Was a close friend of ours (hi Michelle) – birthday banquet with about 30 people. Was chaos for organising everyone, but great food – when it finally arrived.

It meant we arrived late to Andrew & Katie’s engagement party – about 11.30. Only knew a few people – Andrew was looking a bit worse-for-wear when we arrived (ie. worse-for-beer) – and soon disappeared (assumed he’d gone to pass-out !).


As mentioned above, went to see Kill Bill Vol 2 on Friday. Typical Tarantino at his best (or worst – depending on who you ask). Good to see the flash-back scenes to the original “wedding massacre” – and to find out more about the development of the characters.

Some great scenes with David Carradine (sp?) – as Bill. Look for his perspective on Superman – very interesting insight. I guess that’s the way Tarantino’s mind works – like the explanation of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” – in Reservoir Dogs.

Wonderful cinematography in the “buried alive” scene – need to see (and hear) it on the big screen. And some great laughs at “Pai Mei” – the old Kung Fu master – with cliche’d silly close-ups, sounds-effects & music.

Good film in the end – lots of dialog (which I don’t mind) – but not enough fight scenes (for my mates). And Samuel L. Jackon’s cameo coulda been longer…

More to come soon –

  • Review of Anthrax concert
  • Discussion of 24 – did you see what happened to Schappel ?!?
  • Other nonsensical rambling
  • O&O. (Over & Out)


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