2 months and counting

Well – just over 2 months since the last blog. Life has been busy – no other excuse… Weeks seem to fly past – summer is over – and the first signs of winter are upon us.

Work – has kinda crested the full-on initial phase – and we’re into “normal” development work. This has involved VB.NET screens – and web services – as well as SQL Server stored procs & UDFs.

I’m certainly learning a lot – technically – although the subject matter for the business is kinda dry & boring. Very accounting based – leases, journals, depreciation, adjustments, billing, etc.

Bumped into Andrew Bowie the other day – he’s working at VEC again. Was a good project at the time – but it was good to move on to something new (technically). Still – was more “fun” with the gang of people there – only a team of 3-4 people on my current project.

I’ve been getting into rock-climbing lately – will hopefully be going weekly (or is that weak-ly?). It’s a good physical and mental challenge – I was kinda “rat-raced” a bit of late. Another reason for no-blogging…

Have been doing lots of reading on the train though – into my 5th book for the year. I’ve read more in the last few months than for the last few YEARS…!

Only a week now until the Easter break – we’re off to Avoca again. We went away for the last long weekend – Labor Day.

Off to see Ross Noble on Friday – show as part of the comedy festival. A gourp booking of 8 people was only $25 each – should be a good laugh…

And then a 30th birthday on Saturday night – after some gardening (assuming the rains hold off)…

Done with the BLOG – and Back to the work-SLOG… šŸ™‚


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