Who’s a slack blogger…?!?

Happy Christmas – and Happy New Year to all…

Been quite a while since my last blog – I just realised. So much has been happening – and been doing lots of other stuff outside of work hours – and NOT on the computer at home much…

We had a hectic December month regarding work :

  • Quit my job with Real Solutions
  • Went to the Christmas party for DWS (new job)
  • Asked to start early for DWS – ie. Before Christmas
  • Thrown into deep end as .NET tech lead
  • Worked 6 days leading up to Christmas
  • Then – Christmas itself was busy (as always)

  • Pre-Christmas lunch (Sunday before) at my sister Kath & her GF Mel’s house
  • Christmas Day at MY parents place – great food & drinks – eat, drink & be merry
  • Boxing Day at Donna’s Brother’s house – more food & drinks
  • Went to see LOTR – Return Of The King in the evening
  • Then – had a VERY big rest between Christmas & New Year. Did a whole lot of NOTHING… 🙂 Played on the X-Box for a few sessions – a full day on one occassion !

    New Years Eve was a pretty quiet occasion – had 3 friends over – and BBQ dinner. Lots of cocktails & wine – only 5 of us in total – and 2 dogs (Chloe & Kelly)… We finished up about 3 am – Donna had major bed-spins when we went to bed !!

    January is just about all gone now – dunno where the month has gone…!

    Work has been pretty full-on lately – and Donna has been having problems with her work – and has finally resigned from her travel agency job. Was just a lot of pressure & stress for her – too much to handle. She said she’d like to get a job in a shop somewhere – like HOUSE – or Lincraft. Would be good for her – she’s not a career-woman – more just wanting to do something un-kid related (after 12 years of child-care work). And *I* just want her to be happy… 🙂

    This week in particular has been full-on, with Donna resigning from her work. And me – attending the Big Day Out on Monday, and then Metallica concert on Wednesday night.

    Big Day Out – saw many, many bands… Left home about 8.30 am – and trained into the city. First band of the day were Skulker – all girl punk band – pretty good actually. Fear Factory were next – the “surprise” band of the day – big surprise, and very exciting for me & the boys !! They played some old songs, and one new one from Archetype.

    Then The Darkness *rocked* in a big 80’s style… Watched them for a few songs and wandered over to the Boiler Room to see Salmonella Dub. Not bad – kinda acid-jazz, techno stuff. Very cool.

    Tried to see Kamahl – but the stage was chockers – couldn’t get in !! Quick lunch-break – and then checked out Black Eyed Peas, and wandered over to the side stage – we bumped into the guitarist from Fear Factory out the front… (and got a piccy with him)

    The next on were Blood Duster. I’ve heard a lot about them – and always wanted to see them. But – they were crap ! Covered in fake blood – and the death-metal sorta vocals – and music was pretty ordinary.

    Raced over to the Green Stage to see 1200 Techniques. Awesome Aussie hip-hop act. Great bass sound, and really got the crowd going – one of the highlights of the day. Back to the other stage to see The Butterfly Effect – seen them many times before, and they were a bit disappointing on the day. *shrug*

    Left before they finished to make sure we got into the front section for Metallica. Just sat around for a while – we were pretty tired by then. A few more bands on the main stage – Muse – don’t really know them, but they were cool. Bit of RadioHead sound, but heavier guitar in some parts. Next up were the grand-daddies of the day – Hoodoo Gurus. I was surprised at how many songs I knew of theirs – but never really liked them. Just kinda heard them while sitting on the ground. Second last band of the day was The Strokes. I dunno what the fuss is about them – maybe I’m getting old, and don’t listen to Triple JJJ enough anymore… *shrug*

    The Metallica freight-train was next to arrive. Started with Blackened, and Creeping Death – some more great oldies – like For Whom The Bell Tolls, and a few new ones – Frantic, St.Anger and Dirty Window. Great to see them revived again, I think the last few years has been tough for them – James in particular. With Alcohol rehab, and the fight with Napster – and a new bass player. But – they were great entertainers – big crowd favourite. Some devoted fans had arrived at 11 am – and been in the front row ALL DAY. Jeez…!

    Headed straight for the train after Metallica – and finally got home about 12.30 am… *phew*

    Next big event was the Metallica concert on Wednesday night – at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Big crowd – and lots of older songs – almost the entire Master Of Puppets album ! Started to rain towards the end of the night – but couldn’t dampen the spirits of the 15,000+ fans… Last few songs were the BIG hits – One – lots of pyrotechnics – and then Enter Sandman – to finish off the fourth encore !!

    I guess we won’t see them till about 2009, last time they were here was 1998, and before that was 1993. Every 5+ years on average. *shrug* I’ll just have to be content with the Mini-Disc I recorded at the concert… he he…

    I also recorded the Big Day Out on Mini-Disc, but somehow it didn’t work – ended up with a blank disc. *doh*

    Anyway – have to get back to downloading new ep of 24 – very slow though – as I’ve done by limit for January – 6 GB…! Got a few ep’s of 24 – and the movie Under-World.



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