December already

Jeez – I am always amazed at how quickly the year flies by. We’ve been sooo busy – after getting back from the honeymoon, and catching up with people, more shopping (lots of fun spending vouchers)…

What else have I done recently :

  • Seen School Of Rock – fun movie, bit “kiddie” – but a few good laughs, and rock poses, air guitars and all – Jack Black is very cool
  • bands – Cog & The Butterfly Effect @ The Metro
  • Sepultura – @ The Palace
  • And been trying to get some time with LongHorn (need more RAM) – and Yukon… Haven’t even had five minutes to update the blog ! (until now)…

    Just wanted to leave you with a few pic’s… From the airport in Kuala Lumpur – looks like the “Dr. Watson” hit their arrival/departure system – although not ALL screens were showing this… Must be isolated to some servers, or something.

    Donna thought I was a bit of a nerd for taking a photo of a computer screen… I said “you knew I was a nerd when you married me !!!”


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