Long time, no blog…

Been nearly a month since the last post. Busy times – not suprising with getting married and honeymoon.

Wedding was amazing – some rain forced the ceremony inside – but didn’t matter. Donna looked incredible – and I couldn’t stop grinning. Was a fun night – that felt like 1/2 an hour. Great highlight with everyone singing a song to the “Waltzing Matilda” theme – but words changed by my lovely (but loopy) auntie & uncle from Denmark. “You’ll come a waltzing my donna with me”… 🙂

Had a day of family vistors on the Sunday after the wedding – opened presents & chatted with the rely’s before they head back overseas.

Honeymoon – too much to tell, but here’s a quick run-down :

  • cool flight – separate screen in every seat – movies, nintendo & TV
  • swamp tour – saw monkeys, eagles, bats, fish & even patted a sting ray
  • great food at resort – discovered Long Island Iced Tea – cocktails by the pool
  • shopping – night markets – cheap DVDs & PlayStation games – and fake Rolex’s
  • island tour – pewter factory, waterfall, butterfly park, held vipers at Snake Temple, more temples
  • Kuala Lumpur – great city – Petronas towers are great – and batu caves
  • *phew* no wonder we were so tired when we got home ! Was a great trip – but we didn’t really relax enough – always something to see…

    And back to Melbourne a week ago – more busy times when we got back. Neither of us were looking forward to getting back to work – and I’m throwing in my resignation tomorrow – not been fun with that looming…

    Had a great night out last night – Alex & Rachel’s engagement party. Great food – spit roast – and the AC/DC and Metallica made for great dinner time music (for me anyway !). Alex’s mum came from England to be there – good on her ! She was up doing the “boot-scoot boogey” with Rachel’s Mum & Auntie – then came the speeches, and a N.Z. Mauri Haka – great fun to see… Thanks to Mark from Melton as well… (Rachel’s brother). We wish them well – they’re a great fun couple… The months leading up to MY wedding were the happiest in my life – I hope they enjoy the ride as well…

    Good to see some of the old work-buddies – and talk nerdy tech spec with a few people – Donna wouldn’t let me near a PC while on the honeymoon. I came home with TTS (Ten-thumb syndrome), and had to remember how to type.

    And had to get on-line to check out all the PDC news. Woulda loved to have been there – some great insights to Longhorn – new o/s due in 2005. Avalon – presentation API, and Indigo – networking API – all able to be used by applications developed using the .NET framework… Seen a few amazing eye-candy videos of Longhorn – will be a multi-media wonder when it arrives. I’ve installed the Beta, and had a poke around. Haven’t really got into it yet…

    Yukon is the other big news – that I’ve been eagerly anticipating. New version of SQL Server – database platform. I’ve been including in the Beta program (from Microsoft) – but haven’t installed it yet. Have to download it – and the quota is a bit “full” for this month. 2.5 GB gone in 16 days… Have to stretch the final 500 MB over another 2 weeks ! So – will either wait till December – or download it at work… 🙂

    Whidbey is another “newie” for Microsoft – next release of Visual Studio. I haven’t heard much about it – nor been able to source a Beta – but will be public beta next year some time – will wait and see.

    It’s good to get onto things early – but I’m still needing to get hard-core into .NET work – and will have to revise the stuff I did for the MCSD exams…

    Another reason the quota is a bit full is that we’ve downloaded the first 2 ep’s of 24. This season is looking interesting – highlight to read…

    &ltspoiler&gt Jack’s hooked on heroin, and Kim Bauer is now a CTU agent. President Palmer is alive & well – and facing a threat of a biological outbreak – some sort of eBola virus to be delivered in a bag of cocaine – and there’s a mole inside CTU ! &lt/spoiler&gt

    But – will have to wait till December to get the next episode (3). Damn quota !

    Anyway – enough babble – I think I’ve made up for 3 weeks of “silence”… 🙂


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