PDC stuff

Remember I mentioned listening to some Internet Radio Show – dot-net-rocks ? Well, been listening in the car – yesterday, Scott Guthrie from Microsoft (ASP.NET lead) was talking about the new features in Whidbey – sounds like it’ll be great.

Some new features, and fixing some major issues with features that were rushed in, or dropped from the initial release of VS.NET (2002 & 2003). He mentioned that the ASP.NET web-site will soon be updated with a “101 cool things in ASP.NET 2.0” – with a brief description of the new features. And there’ll be a free Microsoft tool for converting classic ASP to ASP.NET code.

The “version 3” scenario strikes again. ie. Windows 3.0, VB-3, etc. We first had .NET 1.0 – then 1.1 – and now 2.0. So – it’s not a 3.0 release – but it IS the THIRD release.

Basically, Microsoft products are usually not widely adopted until a release 3 version – looks like 2004 will be a big .NET year. Maybe it’ll be 2004.NET…! 🙂

Scott Guthrie also mentioned that PDC attendees will be receiving “alpha’s” of Whidbey (new VS.NET) – AND – Yukon (new SQL Server) – AND – an early build of Longhorn…! So – stay tuned to IRC for some downloads !!

Public beta’s are due in “spring” – which probably means about February-March. Looking forward to it…


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