busy weekend – and "the day" not far away

Was a busy weekend, and (so far) an even busier week !

Stayed home Friday night, and watched the DVD of the new Matrix movie – Matrix Re-Loaded. I picked up a lot more about the “matrix” with the second viewing. Particularly the notion of The Oracle being a friendly computer program – I didn’t get that the first time… Haven’t looked at any of the special features or anything. Just haven’t had time !

Saturday – took a load of stuff to Lyrebird Falls, the venue for the wedding. Had the boxes of wine, booklets, CDs, guest book and a few other bits & pieces. Then did some clothes shopping for our trip to Malaysia (almost forget that we’re off on a big overseas trip in a few days – only focus has been the wedding)…

Saturday arvo – found out that I’ll only be a passenger in the HSV – as there’s a chauffeur being provided. It’s worth $96,000 – so probably the best ! It’s a close friend of mine anyway – so will be good to have him along for the day – and one less thing for me to worry about.

Saturday night – went to see The Butterfly Effect at The Corner. With one of my groomsmen Mark, and another friend Tim, who has just got back from overseas. He spent a month or so in Tibet, then France & Belgium, Scotland and home via Chile & Peru. Amazing trip – he was away for 9 months. Great to catch up with him again.

The Butterfly Effect were great again – was the 7th time I’ve seen them :

  • Support for Pacifier – at The Armadale
  • The Armadale – with Another Race
  • The Armadale (2) – with Full Scale
  • The Evelyn – just after Christmas 2002
  • Support for GrinSpoon – at Festering Hole (sorry – Festival Hall)
  • Hi-Fi Bar
  • The Corner Hotel (last Saturday night)
  • And – they’ve announced another show in late November – with COG – should be a great double-header. And then, they’ll be at the Big Day Out in January – for my 9th show…

    They’re approaching my record of 11 times seeing GrinSpoon… 🙂

    Speaking of Big Day Out – I bought tickets on-line, but shoulda read more carefully – and have ended up with 3 tickets to the Big Day Out – on the Gold Coast ! It’s annoying – as Ticketek sell for Gold Coast only – but TicketMaster sell for Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. Looks like I’m stuck with the tickets – so might have to wait until it sells out, and try to off-load them on eBay. Or – might just go anyway ! It’s the weekend BEFORE the Melbourne BDO – and Metallica are head-lining. *hhmmm* Will wait and see…

    Congrats to Delta Goodrem – 7 Aria awards. She’s a nice, friendly, down-to-earth Aussie girl – very talented – incredibly beautiful – and only 18 years old ! She’s got “class” & style – not a slutty “Holly Valence” type… Just hope the Hodgkins disease doesn’t cause her too many problems…

    Had dinner last night with my cousin Simon – who’s out from London for the wedding. Haven’t seen him for 8 years – but always easy to chat to – and great to catch up.

    Getting pretty excited now for the wedding – mostly under-control – just have to finalise speeches & some music CDs – and picking up the suits tonight.

    Just have to pray for the rain to stop about 1 pm – and can start again about 7 pm – so that we can get some nice photos – and the wedding ceremony can be held outside.

    Next update might be from Malaysia !


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