Wedding preparations – crazy times !

Been flat out hectic lately – only 10 days since Brisbane. Was a full-on trip. I had Monday off – and Donna picked me up from the airport (back from Brisbane). We were off to Echuca to see her Grandma in the nursing home. Donna’s mum was along for the ride – was good to spend some time with the “mother-in-law” (will be in a few weeks !)… Donna drove while I had a snooze. Out to a nice local Chinese restaurant in Moama – just over the border – so I had breakfast in Queensland – lunch in Victoria – and dinner in New South Wales !! *phew*

Busy few days with the organisation of the wedding booklets – lots of swear-words directed at my printer, which wouldn’t print on the cardboard we’d chosen. Mind you – it’d done the first dozen OK…! So – a change of design, rush to OfficeWorks for paper (sand-coloured – as we couldn’t do WHITE – *sheesh*) And the printer ran all night – finished about 8.30 am – and took ’em to get “bent”… Then have finished assembling them – and ribbon (3 trips to Spotlight)… And that was just for 100 booklets !! Jeez…

Last few things – table preparations, Donna is completing the cake – and have to arrange speeches… Out for dinner this Friday with the bridal party – so that the guys can meet the girls – and then Buck’s party on Saturday night…

Final meeting at venue (have to pay up!) on Monday – and trial for ceremony… Jeez – I tell you – I’ll be glad when it’s all over !! Looking forward to the honeymoon – we ended up booking for Malaysia – it’ll be better than Bali…

Movie – went to see Bad Boys II last week – was waaaay over the top – but that’s what movies are all about, eh ?!? Probably give it 3.5 thumbs-up – an extra 1/2 point for the great car-chase…!

Picture of the week : The happy couple ! Courtesy of Sarah (aged 5) who drew this for me when I was at her house for Grand Final day. Hello also to Joshua – he’s only 3 – don’t think he’s got a BLOG yet…!


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