Bitten by MIRC ?

You’ve heard about the new virus being passed around via Kazaa & MIRC ? Well, it’s either got me, or someone has got my email – and they’re unwittingly sending it to me. I open my email today – and had almost 100 emails of crap – all with the Worm.Automat.AHB virus. A saving grace is that Norton detected ALL of them – but I had to click OK to 100 messages – and then delete the 100 emails ! *ggrrr* So – I rang Optus, to see if they could implement some email server scan for viruses – but they can’t because of a privacy restriction. The guy basically (literally) said that desktop security is my problem. And a patronising analogy saying “we’re like the RTA — we provide the roads – and you have the car. And it’s not our problem if your car gets broken into”… Jeez.

Solution – Either I change my email address – or change service providers. I have a land-line phone with Optus – I dunno if that supports ADSL. I’ll have to check with iiNet – I heard they’re pretty good…

Music – been listening to the new Limp Bizkit album. Very disappointing – crap actually – I used to really like a few of their songs. I barely got through an entire song on the new album (without skipping)… Maybe it’ll be a “grower”.

Games – managed to get hold of the “Gold” version of Halo for the PC. After many hours of fun on the X-BOX version (as the lethal & sometimes victorious DEATH-KING), I thought the PC version would be cool. Graphics looked pretty ordinary though – I didn’t turn them up TOO high – maybe my 3 month old GeoForce FX is too old already !! I only had a 1/2 play – game “story” looks identical to the X-BOX version (makes sense).

Just seemed to lack something though – after a go at Unreal-II – or new Doom-III. Although everyone seems to be waiting for Half-Life 2 – even Microsoft – it’s being hailed as the “New Benchmark in Games for Windows”… Doom III ?!? What’s that ?!? It seems to have vapourised, as quickly as a blast from a rail gun… 🙂

Another game that I’m eagerly awaiting a look at is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I downloaded a video clip – you should check it out – looks amazing ! And great game play – 30 km of free form wandering – a desolate waste-land after another CHerobyl accident. Sounds interesting – will wait and see…

Dreams are free you know – that’s why I went and sat in a new Mazda RX-8 on the weekend. I “just happened” to be passing a Mazda dealer – and wanted to have a look – very funky car. And great sporting interior. Only $60,000…

More realistic – the new Subaru Liberty is released next week. A friend of mine had an older model – awesome car. My Mazda is 10 years old now – might be time to “trade-up”… Except, that the one I want is the Liberty GT – WRX motor in a mid-size car (bit smaller than a Magna)…

C’est la vie – I think that’s French for “not enough money”… :-]

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