Microsoft sinks the boot in…

Well, as it always happens, Microsoft are pushing the “upgrade”… This time, dissing their own ASP/VB6, as it’s beaten by ASP.NET/VB.NET. Not saying that people shouldn’t move to ASP.NET – just that Microsoft are required to support VB6 for a few years yet…

Also, the way in which the article is introduced – Visual Basic .NET Significantly Outperforms Visual Basic 6.0… Firstly – it’s using ASP.NET – which is compiled, type-cast – and NOT interpreted like ASP (ie. slower).

An interesting article – but not totally suprising. Just have to wait for the article entitled next version beats ASP.NET…

Just about to head off to a guy’s “brownlow medal” night – not that I’m big on footy – but Donna has some friends over, doing hair & make-up trials… And I’ve been told to LEAVE – no arguments here !!

And talking of footy – there’s still the debate of whether to barrack for “ABC” – anyone but collingwood – or to actually get behind the (remaining) Victorian team… I kinda like Collingwood – or should I say it – some of my closest friends are Collingwood fans – and I admire their passion for the game (and team). Whenever I think of football – these two guys are WHO I think of…

Anyway – might not matter, as I probably have to go to Brisbane on the weekend. Fly up Sat. arvo – and back on Sunday. Suncorp (client) are doing an install this weekend – and want someone “on-site”. So – ironic as it seems – I’ll be in BRISBANE for the Grand Final… 🙂


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