Less than 6 weeks

Well, not long now until the wedding for Donna and I. It’s been a bit of a stress lately – trying to save every penny for the wedding – and so much to organise. I still feel like we’re not going to make it – I’m sure we’ll do fine, and it’ll be a great day.

Buck’s party – will be a dinner & drink-up somewhere in the city – so if you know me, then come along !! It’ll be on Saturday October 11th – more details to come (email me if you want to know)…

Work is kinda cruising along OK. I’m not doing exactly what I’d like to be doing – but sometimes I wonder if that’s ever possible. The DREAM job. Does it really exist ?!? My dream job would be to work 5 hours a week – and get paid $100,000 a year !! Without winning tattslotto – it’s NOT going to happen !!

My job is pretty challenging, a bit stressful, responsibility, lots to do, and I’m highly regarded – and well-paid. Maybe I should stop complaining !! At least I HAVE a job – in a fairly tough I.T. market…

My main focus is for the wedding at the moment – and so the .NET study has taken a back seat (at least – that’s my excuse !) I think I mainly need a break – and to go on holiday. Our last holiday was in Surfers (just over a year ago). The trip to Bali (honeymoon) will be great…!!

Better go do the dishes before Donna gets home, and finds me surfing the net…!


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