aaa-haarr… avast ye mateys…

Movie of the week – Pirates Of The Caribbean.

I went to see POTC last night, as part of a fund-raising event for the Guide Dogs. A friend of mine has been doing some fund-raising work – and despite another friend suggesting that we should just go to the pub and “get blind” – we went to see a movie instead. Good fun film – with some awesome special effects – and the story-line is actually supported BY the effects, not the other way around.

Action, romance, comedy – got the lot. Johhny Depp is awesome – and Geoffrey Rush is very convincing as the pirate leader. A very different role for him – but he does it well.

Movies – on the “to see” list (or “to download” list) are Bad Boys II – and Finding Nemo (already watched on a VCD copy – but it’s such a cool film – would be great on the BIG screen).

Been a busy week – looking forward to a vege out night at home actually. Even missing out on going to see Cog at The Corner. And Walken are playing a gig tonight as well. *doh*

Weekend is going to be fairly localised again (ie. at home). Donna is baking the cake for our wedding – which is only 6 weeks away. The cake takes 7 hours to cook !! So – I’ll have to mow the lawns, and some other gardening, house-hold chore-ey kinda things. Or some .NET if it’s raining.

Had a great pizza for lunch today – Chapel St is walking distance for us – so a few of the guys headed down to “Old Pepper” for a lunch-time pizza. Only $5.50 for a pizza – and pretty good as well. Also, discovered the JB hi-fi near-by, so I can go for the “walk to JB at lunch” like I used to do with friends at VEC.

Pioneer have released a new range of their home A/V amp’s – still on the wish-list, but have to wait until after the wedding. Most likely – next year. I’ve TOLD (ie. pleaded with) Donna to allow me to get a new stereo for birthday (April). As my stereo will turn 10 years of age – and it’s on it’s last legs now. We can’t even watch DVD’s with it on – as it crackles, and only 10% sound from one speaker – but 80% from the other. But – my “dream system” will need $1800 to buy.

I mentioned earlier that Petter Solberg won Rally Australia. I heard during the week that he dedicated his win to Possum Bourne – who died in April. Very impressed…

Music – have to resist downloading – in case I get SUED !! It’s a pretty harsh treatment of people in America – a 12 year-old girl in New York was charged with music theft. I think they settled out of court for $2000. I guess they’re making examples of people – and hope that the “scare tactics” will prevent others from piracy. We shall see…

Over & out…


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