Viva Bris Vegas

Very tiring week last week – with a “day-trip” to Brisbane on Friday. It meant getting out of bed at 4.15 – last time I saw that time on my clock was when I was COMING HOME ! Good run to Tullamarine for a 6 am flight – and into the office in Brisbane for 8.30.

The day went quickly – just trying to iron out a few problems with the installation & configuration of servers. Users were getting the nasty “Method ~ of Object ~ failed” error message. Ended up being the configuration of DTC – As the COM+ server needs to talk to the SQL Server using “names” rather than IP addresses. A simply entry in the HOSTS file got everything working again. So – a flight to Brisbane for a “one-line-change”…

Virgin Blue are normally great – although they stuffed up tickets & seats – so the plane was 1/4 hour late to leave – and then had to fiddle about in Melbourne with the door-bridge – so off the plane 1/2 later than scheduled…

Finally got to my house by 9.30 pm. And had a friend coming for dinner – so late dinner, and DVD – and bed about 1.30 am – twas a 21-hour day !! Kinda killed my weekend activities…

Saturday – got a new fridge from Donna’s grandma – swapped our little one for a HUGE one – had to change the shelves in the kitchen, changed a few screws, and looks great.

Then took the doggy to the park with a friend, and her dog. So – they both ran mental for an hour or so. I was getting sleepy just watching them ! So – had a vege out night at home.

Sunday was Father’s Day – and had family over for morning tea. Good to hear about my sister Kath’s trip to Paris, London & Barcelona – lots of piccy’s. And afteroon session at Donna’s family home – BBQ & pig-out dinner.

Whinge for the day is directed at CHANNEL 10. Rally Australia was held over the weekend (Friday, Sat, Sun) – and in past years, they’ve dedicated Sunday afternoon to the rally. With special coverage, and wrap-up of the past 3 days, and the LAST stage televised live. But this year – absolutely NOTHING. In two weeks time, they’re showing a special, but to me, it’s like showing the AFL Grand Final a fortnight late. It just wouldn’t happen.

So – if it happened in Sports Today – you WON’T see it on Channel Ten…

Anyway – congrats to Petter Solberg for the win – must have been my words of encouragement when I saw him the previous weekend… 🙂

Only 7 weeks remaining till the wedding – have to work out songs & booklets for ceremony. The invitations are OUT – and a few replies. Donna is looking forward to the written RSVP’s – I had a call from my Auntie in Denmark – who is coming – and a cousin in London as well… Going to be a great day…

But – there are the situations where “you can’t please everyone”. Already had one of those – with a friend who expected her new boyfriend to be invited – but we’ve only met him once – and her ex-husband of 8 months is my best man – so she’s being a bit unreasonable. I still feel a bit bad – but if we try to please everyone – it’s too difficult – it’s OUR wedding…!!

Looking forward to the honeymoon – it’ll be a chance to get away – and have a break from all the wedding planning !! 🙂


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