Clock with wings

Over a week since the last update – how time flies !

A busy weekend just gone – started with a gig at the Hi-Fi to see The Butterfly Effect. I was in need of a LOUD night out, with a stressful week or work, and I was wound-up like a spring-trap. TBE were great – 6th time I’ve seen them. I took my MD and recorded the show, but it got deleted by accident, when a friend of mine was fiddling with it. C’est la vie. I’ll just have to go see them again ! My friend Mark and I had a trip home via Lamb’s Souvlaki, near the old CMG building – still vacant… Late night – 3 am to bed.

Saturday – did the bridal registry at Myer – was fun to “buy” stuff, and just write it down. But – we drew the line a few times – with a doona cover costing $240 – and matching pillows worth $50 ! Donna made the point that we’d probably spend $50 for a friends wedding, and if we only gave them a pillow-case, it’d seem a bit odd ! So – we kept our list to some towels, kettle, iron, table-cloth – things that we’ve GOT – but are a bit crappy.

Then – off to Subaru Docklands to meet Petter Solberg (World Rally Driver). He did a demo drive on the skid-pan – burn-outs in a WRX, and slides, etc. He got it a bit wrong once, and put the back of the car through a metal fence. Dinted the bootlid, and bumper, and knocked the fence over too ! The Subaru manager just smiled through gritted teeth… Petter signed some autographs, and I had a photo with him. Rally Australia is THIS weekend – in Perth – so I’ll be glued to the TV on Sunday…

Back to my Saturday jounrney – we headed home via Chris & Marie’s plant farm at the showgrounds – and Vic Market chaos (fish market). Then to Knox for further food shopping, and home to have friends over for dinner. *phew*

Sunday – had a Yum Cha lunch with a friend from Uni – they’re getting married next year. So, we discussed plans, and they want to see our “to-do” list – and might need a hand with some things.

I was thinking about the song “all my friends are getting married” – here’s some proof !! In the last 3 months, this is a list of friends who’ve gotten engaged :

  • Gavin & Dana
  • Alex & Rachel
  • Chris & Rhona
  • Bec & Gareth
  • Sam & Matt
  • As well as Donna and I – that’s a LONG list…! Only 7 weeks from this Saturday until the big day. We’re pretty much under control – invitations have just been sent out. Have to send the o/s ones as well – although they’ll be coming anyway. Auntie & Uncle from Denmark – and a cousin from London.

    Life is pretty busy and hectic at the moment – work especially. My new job is not turning out like I’d hoped, but not like I’m ready to quit (although some days – I come close !). But – would be too much for me to start a new job before the wedding – I’ll see how things are going around Christmas time.

    It’s a small company, with not much quality procedures in place, so it’s not hard to look GOOD !

    Anyway – better get back to work – more updates later…


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