rants & news for today

Been a week or so since the last update. I must admit that I’ve been a bit anti-tech over this period. Haven’t turned the PC at home on a few days (shock ! horror !) – just been playing the puppy-dog, or organising stuff for the wedding…

Weekend was kinda-non-eventful. Did some shopping on Saturday – before planting 42 hedges in the front-yard. *phew*

And yesterday – went to the new Museum with a few friends. I know it’s not TOTALLY new – but I hadn’t been there before – it’s only been open for 3-4 years ! Some great exhibits, but focussed a bit on pop-culture, and modern-history. Including a set from NEIGHBOURS… Jeez !

Speaking of pop-culture – I’m getting bloody sick of that new show Australian Idol. I’ve never even watched it – but the ad’s annoy me. I don’t ever want to see that guy crying into the phone “why can’t you be proud of me, dad ?!??” AAARRGGHHH….

And another thing annoying me lately is the ANZ bank ad’s on radio – “to avoid excessive bank fees, join ANZ for only $5 a month”. But – $5 a month seems excessive to me !! They take our money, and invest it somewhere I guess, make lots of interest off OUR money, and charge us $5 a month for them to do so !! Interest rates are sooo low for normal accounts, it’s better off putting the money “under the mattress” where banks can’t touch it…!

*phew* OK – got that off my chest for now…

Donna is doing a training course today – in the city – in a class of THREE – including HER. Some travel agency software – used through-out the industry. She’s been enjoying the new job, but still early-days – and the transition hasn’t been “fun”.

But – as she’s in the city today, she’s going to come home via Gaslight Records – and get tickets for me & a friend to go see The Butterfly Effect. I don’t think Donna’s even been to Gaslight – just hope it’s not NUDE DAY – she’d get a bit of a shock !!

Only other news – it’s TWO months from today until our wedding. We’ll have to get cracking on some of the last bits & pieces – and make sure we save every cent between now & then !!

Oh yeah – and the Indiana Jones DVD box-set has finally been announced… Might have to put on the shopping list for Christmas…

Tech problems – for one of my regular web-sites – just had a look at lunch-time, and Neowin.net was down – with the following message – Due to an administration error by our host, our hard disk has been wiped and we are currently working on restoring the site to normal.

I’m sure someone’s arse is VERY sore from a big kicking over THAT one…!

Over & out…


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