Weak week

Well, another week is drawing to a close. Work has been busy with client meetings, development work, more meetings, discussions and so on. The latest technical stuff has been to remove DECLARE statements from business objects hosted in COM+, as there is a potential memory leak and/or hang-time. The move has been to use a wrapper DLL – that will be installed out-side of COM+ – which will then call the specific API function.

And the latest MSBlaster has kept people on their toes. Have to make sure you block port 135 – and avoid any RPC calls being made to your PC (something like that). Have a look at Gibson Research Corporation Shields-Up to verify your port security. The web-site polls your IP address, and tells you which ports are open/closed or otherwise…

Neowin’s latest news items includes the Intel Processor Roadmap with updated plans for the next few Q’s into 2004. Looks like my P4-2.6 will be obsolete before long ! Up to 4.4 GHz is a possibility for end of 2004 – just in time for Microsoft Windows Longhorn – but will probably run like a dog anyway !!

And speaking of Microsoft – they’re now spouting the old S.E.P. reasoning. (Someone Else’s Problem). Microsoft has laid the blame for half of all Windows crashes on third-party code – based on audit logs provided via the Dr. Watson reporting tool. But – if Windows has a blue-screen, there’s no Dr. Watson to stop it (or log it !). Having said that, I haven’t had a blue screen for years – not with Windows 2000 or XP.

But – enough of the tech talk !

Car – yep, broken radiator cost me $530 – and our dog Chloe had a vet trip on Saturday – cost $170. Jeez ! Expensive start to the weekend. It kinda dictated that the rest of time was to be spent at home…

Musically – this week has been covering the new Butterfly Effect album (still) – and also a new Skid Row album ! New singer, same sound – and re-make of the old classic “I Remember You”. Re-make = butcher.

Visually – Donna has been holding out for the last Buffy episode – I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen Buffy ! Never really got into it. Just waiting on the next series of 24 – should be soon.

Cinematically – went to see the new Terminator 3 movie – good action & effects – but not much else. Seemed very similar to the 2nd movie – chase sequences – and pre-apocalypse. And dream-sequences to the future. Left it waaay open for another sequel.

Congrats to Alex & Rachel who have joined the “engaged club”. Donna and I are getting invitations organised – and working out money for reception, suits, rings, etc. And the holiday might be in jeopardy with the latest dramas in Indonesia (we’re heading to Bali for 10 days).

Saturday – my “best man” Chris is selling his house – auction. Should be interesting to see what they get for it – had a lot of work recently – I think he’ll be very happy with the price.

And have to finish the pergola above the dog-kennel. Been trying to get outside more on weekends – weather permitting. And trying to be a bit “off-line”…

Rain has been good though – Melbourne’s water storage reserves are up slightly – to 43.6 %


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