Yukon Ho !

And – forgot to mention that I’ve downloaded the “SQL Server Yukon Beta 1 xBetas Readiness Kit”. Lots of PDF articles & white-papers, and PowerPoint stuff as well. Haven’t had time to browse through it all – hopefully over the weekend.

There’s all sorts of “Microsoft Confidentiality Agreement” stuff through-out. So – someone’s done a naughty – by putting it on IRC…!

Weekend plans – finalize pergola over the dog’s kennel – and paint it (or go see Terminator 3 – depending on weather)… And Donna’s cousin’s 21st…

iPaq set-back : my car was over-heating on Wednesday night – so I took to the mechanic this morning. And needs a new radiator – dunno how much it’s gonna cost – but I reckon it’ll be a few hundred dollars (at least). *doh*


One thought on “Yukon Ho !

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