The new album by The Butterfly Effect came out yesterday. A trip to JB at lunch time resulted in a purchase. And a free beanie – and the CD is a limited edition – numbered 442 / 3000. Only listened to part of it so far – in the car on the way home. Some amazingly orchestral stuff – like Silverchair’s latest opus – as well as some gruntier riff’s and beats – reminiscent of TOOL.

And good thing – the quota Nazi has reverted – so I can now had a hope in kicking Alex’s arse in Checkers… (not that speed had anything to do with my lack of ability – but I’ll use any excuse)…

Anyway – I digress – I got an email from Optus saying that there’s now a 6 GB/month package – only $99.95… *sheesh* Or 15 GB for $250 / month ! I don’t use THAT much – although I’ve very tempted by the iiNet folks. A few friends rave about them – but it would cost me about $150 to switch. Maybe after the wedding finances have been settled – I’ll get a new phone line put in the study. One day…

Phone – just got a new deal with Optus – changed from Vodafone to Optus. And now on a “pay what you use” arrangement. Not a pre-paid, but similar. Just get a bill for every call & SMS – but no “plan” – and keep the same phone. I’ll see how it goes – and if it saves me money – or costs me more !!

A friend emailed me this site…> http://members.chello.nl/~s.ferris/ Some guy has the ULTIMATE flight simulator set-up. 9 PC’s – and 13 monitors… I’d love to see it play Quake !


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