Clearway Nazi

I’ve discovered a new “pet hate” – people who park in a CLEARWAY… Where I work has a ClearWay in-bound from 7 am to 9 am – and out-bound designated from 4.30 to 6.30 pm. However, this doesn’t stop some idiots from parking there anyway. And if there are trams as well – it’s almost impossible to get the traffic flowing in peak hour. Some cars get a parking ticket, and sometimes, we’ve even seen the truck doing the tow-away thing… That’s a real laugh – when you see someone running towards their car being hoisted onto the back of the truck !!

Last night, I was crusing along High St, Armadale in the pouring rain (about 6.10 pm – had worked late – and wanting to get home), when some knobber in a Black VW Golf decided to stop – at first I assumed his indicator meant that he was turning into a side-street – fair enough. But – he stopped totally – right in front of me – so I held my horn until he moved forward – and stopped again. This time – more tooting, and light-flashing – YOU CANT STOP IN A CLEARWAY, BUDDY ! He eventually dawdled around the next corner – probably swearing away at me – but I bet he won’t try that again !!

Had a great dinner with friends afterwards – at “the usual” – Wheelers Hill pub. Getting a bit sick of that place – we always seem to end up there. I guess it’s the “lowest common denominator” for people – location-wise – but there’s a reason it’s refered to as “the lowest”… Maybe next time, we can try something DIFFERENT.

The occasion was to meet up with some friends visiting from Queensland – who I’ve known for probably 15 years. My friend Peter had a great story about running over a crocodile in his car – and he’s changed his “tune” to like XXXX (I still think it really stands for S.H.I.T.).

Other news – went to the footy on the weekend – for the first time in about 5 years. To see the mighty tigers triumph – but 60 points. A friend Cong had never seen a game of footy – so there was lots of questions and discussions. Hopefully I didn’t confuse him with asking about LBW, or 3-pointer’s… 🙂

Just found out that there’s more learning afoot – with a new version of Visual Studio.NET due out later this year – code named WHIDBEY. They must have a competition at Microsoft about the lamest code-name !! It’s to co-incide with the new version of SQL Server – code named YUKON. (been waiting eagerly for that one – at least it has COOL code-name)…

Then LONGHORN will be arriving in 2005 – Bill Gates has called it “scary” in it’s new feature-set. So – another version of Visual Studio due – code named ORCAS. Another winner of the lame-code-name competition.

I must do a search for all the Microsoft code-names. I remember VIPER was the orginal Transaction Server (MTS), and WHISTLER was one of the Windows Operating Systems.

Lastly – bought a DVD from eBay – using the money I earned from the sale of the ROMPER STOMPER cd autographed by Russell Crowe. Would have cost me $1 to withdraw from PayPal – so I thought I’d spend the money anyway !! There’s a new DVD with a concert of SLAYER – not available here yet. It basically cost me nothing – essentially swapped Russell Crowe for Slayer – couldn’t get more of a contrast !

Oh yeah – and our dog is green. I’ll have to tie her up next time I mow the lawns – she rolls around in the freshly cut grass – and beacame a martian-dog… (where’s my earth-shattering ka-boom !)


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