Winter is cold ? derrr…

Been fighting to stay warm lately – the last few mornings have been tough to get outta bed. Was it this cold last winter ? I guess you can’t win – it’s too hot in summer, and too cold in winter – but as there’s nothing I can do about it – I’ll stop whingeing about it !!

Still haven’t received my Metallica tickets yet. Although the concert is not for another 6 months – so I’m not worried (yet). Maybe by the end of the week…

Thai restaurant – went to a really cool Thai restaurant on Saturday night – Patee Thai in Brunswick St. They had tables “on the ground” – was like sitting at home by the coffee table. And we all took our shoes off. Woulda been tough for people with bad foot odour ! Then again – the spices & smells of Thai cooking woulda covered it up. There was a guy & girl at one “table” basically lying together, and having a pash. The old “get a room” phrase came to mind – was in the middle of a crowded restaurant !! Jeez… Anyway – I told Donna to wait until we got home… he he – just kidding…

Footy – apparently Richmond got thrashed on the weekend – I don’t really follow footy. But – I’m going along to my first game in probably 3-4 years on Saturday. Blurg-man is organising a “take cong to the footy” night out. A vietnamese guy we used to work with has NEVER been to the footy – he’s a bit of a character – part way between a chr(33) and a chr(63). Something like that.

And – going to try and hit the trails on the mountain bike on the weekend – or at least the local bike path/s. I’m feeling a little “caved-in” over winter – the winter blues have stopped my exercise routines – apart from taking the woofer for a round-the-block trot…

** Bad code of the day – a function I was working on did a SQL query like this – “SELECT tablexxx.*, tableyyy.* FROM tablexxx, etc” – to display some fields. The query returned 72 fields – but the screen only used 5 of them…! *eek*


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