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End of the weekend

Well, another weekend is just about ended – and I’m struggling to remember what I did… Not one of those “I got so drunk I can’t remember what I did” – just the kinda bits & pieces weekend…

Went to see the new Charlie’s Angels movie last night – some great laughs – very slap-stick kinda movie. Not a great storyline – but good escape-ism – good action/comedy. Demi Moore was pretty good – and cameo by Bruce Willis – and Pink… And one of the original Angel’s as well… And – co-starring Cameron Diaz’s ARSE… Soundtrack is pretty good too – thanks IRC…

We finished the night off with a Noodle Box. But – don’t you hate it when it’s not “hot” enough – I guess I did ask for mild, but the guy looked like he ate chilli’s by the handful – so I figured that what he called MILD would be HOT for me… Next time I’ll know to get HOT – but then it’ll probably be TOO hot – you can never win !! *sheesh*

Today – Sunday – we took Chloe (pet of the month) for a doggy-wash. Most dogs don’t like having a bath – and Chloe is no exception. She stuggled at first – but then kinda risgned herself to the fact that she had to get wet, and could then have a treat afterwards… Didn’t matter than we both ended up as wet as the dog ! And she did a dog-shake IN THE CAR… *aarrghhh* Luckily it was Donna’s car – so she gets the “wet dog smell” – not me… 🙂

And – arranging suit hire for the wedding. I tried on a suit – looked very swish – almost didn’t recognize myself ! Have to get my groomsmen to come along and try suits on too… Only three and a bit months until our wedding…

Had the next door neighbour ask if we wanted anything duty-free, as he’s off to New Zealand. I couldn’t think of anything much (iPaq, iPaq, iPaq)… Digital Camera ?? But – have to wait and see – with finances. Wedding is the biggest thing at the moment – maybe on our honeymoon overseas trip. Donna might let me spend some money – sounding like a married couple already ! Then again – there’s not MUCH difference between the words FINANCE – and FIANCE… he he…

Not much happened over the weekend – visited parents, and helped a friend with some house renovations…

Oh yeah – and Geelong beat Richmond in the footy… (only by 4 points – not even a goal in it !) I can just hear Alex gloating now – well, I guess Richmond had a good start to the season – and NOW – are looking south-ward towards the wooden spoon. Looks like Bulldogs will win it this year…

Tickets on sale for Metallica TOMORROW !! he he…


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