going going gone – first eBay sale

Well, I’ve finally done my first eBay sale. I’ve bought a few things using eBay – my 128 MB flash chip – VERY handy. And a few old Nintendo “game & watch” double-screen games – kinda nostalgic – retro gaming… People my age are often looking back to the games they played as a kid – the old Atari, Nintendo and Commodore 64 stuff. I guess the 70’s and 80’s in back in vogue – why not include the vintage games of the day ?

Anyway – sorry for the tangent. My first eBay sale was a CD autographed by Russell Crowe. I’d been cleaning through my stack of CDs, and found the Romper Stomper movie soundtrack – I thought I’d lost it. It has a silver texta scribble of “Russell” across the front. I might have got more money for it else-where – but didn’t bother me really… Ended up that some girl in Connecticut bought it – she’s a big TOFOG fan (Russell’s band). I guess my CD is going to a better place. Probably on her mantelpiece – rather than in a box at the back of my wall unit (under the stereo).

Weekend plans – helping a friend to do some painting at his house – getting ready to sell it. And might go see the new Charlie’s Angels movie.

Oh yeah – and celebration drinks for my Dad – who has been made a “Professor” at Melbourne University. It’s basically a “life’s work” – the pinnacle of his career – and many people have been congratulating him – saying that “it’s about time”. I’m very proud of him…

Lastly – totally unrelated – heard on the radio this morning that the actors for the new Star Wars movie (Episode III) will be required to wear “mullet” hair-cuts – so that they’ll match with the old 1977 movie (for continuity). AND – that Chewbacca would be the person to deliver the babies – Luke & Leia… (dunno about that last point – but we’ll wait and see)…

Three more sleeps till Metallica tickets… 🙂


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