Travel Bug

Well, my fiance Donna is officially a “Travel Bug”. She had her graduation last night – they had the “roll-call” – and she was presented with all the usual certificates… And she was also presented with numerous champagnes from the bar ! But – she worked very hard, and I’m proud of her. Now comes the hard part – finding a job !

Saturday night – I finally watched ALL of the FIRST Lord Of The Rings movies – without falling asleep. The first time, we went to a midnight movie session – and I was dozing all through it. Second time – we hired on DVD, and I just didn’t get into it… So, finally, I can say that I enjoyed (and understood) the first movie. Having said that – I can understand the “appeal” – but it doesn’t greatly “appeal” to me. I’ll have to see the second one when it comes out on DVD…

And congrats to Mark Phillopoussis (however you spelt it – you know who I mean – the POO, the Scud)… He was convincely beaten in the Wimbledon final – but a great effort to get so far – after injuries and all. I think “he’s back” – hopefully that means that Lleyton Whinge-bad Hewitt has “left the building”. (wishful thinking).

Looks like I’ll have a gang of 5 people (including me) for the Metallica concert – and I’ve (stupidly) offered to buy the tickets – better check that the VISA card can handle the $650…!


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